Hierarchical Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Image Data

Ola Spjuth (co-PI) at our department, and Carolina Wählby (PI), and Andreas Hellander (co-PI) at Uppsala University have, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, Vironova and Stockholm University, received a major research grant from SSI: 29 MSEK over 5 years. The project title is "Hierarchical Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Image Data”. In this project, the researchers will take a hierarchical approach for acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of large scale microscopy data. Computationally efficient measurements for data description, confidence-driven machine learning will be developed for determination of interestingness, and a theory and framework to apply intelligent spatial and temporal information hierarchies, distributing data to computational resources and storage options based on low-level image features. The work will be performed in three specific areas where image collection results in data volumes difficult to handle with today's computational resources, namely:
- large-scale tipe-lapse experiments exploring the dynamics of cells and drug delivery particles in collaboration with AstraZeneca R&D
- nanometer-resolution transmission of electron microscopy data in collaboration with Vironova AB
- multi-modal digital pathology data from SciLifeLab Sweden

Rosenön award to Elin Svensson

The Rosenön award is a prize awarded to the best doctoral thesis presented at a Swedish university in the fields of drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and / or pharmacodynamics.

Elin Svensson has received the 2017 Rosenön Award with the following motivation: Elin Svensson has presented a high quality thesis entitled "Pharmacometric Models to Improve Treatment of Tuberculosis” and has shown an excellent ability to communicate science and results. Elin Svensson has put forward a broad and thorough thesis in which pharmacometric methods have been used to improve the treatment of tuberculosis. The thesis highlights the strengths of modelling and the opportunities to individualise treatment.

The prize will be handed out at the 14th Symposium in Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism "in Gothenburg March 29 to 30, 2017.
The prize is awarded by the Section of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism, The Swedish Pharmaceutical Society.

EU Horizon 2020 forskningsanslag till Ola Spjuth

Ola Spjuth vid institutionen för farmaceutisk biovetenskap har tilldelats 2.9 M SEK för att leda ett work-package i EU Horizon 2020 projektet OpenRiskNet. Projektet startade 2016-12-01 och kommer att utveckla molnbaserade virtuella forskningsmiljöer för att stödja olika aspekter inom säkerhetsbedömning och produktutveckling med t ex kemiska, farmaceutiska och kosmetiska applikationer. Den utvecklade e-infrastrukturen kommer att erbjuda funktioner för smart integration av heterogena datorkällor, samt för implementation och exekvering av skalbara dataanalyser och pipelines.

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