FarmBio Bioseminar series

  • Date: –09:30
  • Location: Biomedicinskt centrum, BMC BMC C4:2 Seminar room
  • Lecturer: Professor Torsten Gordh
  • Organiser: Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
  • Contact person: Sonchita Bagchi
  • Seminarium

Chronic pain - can we use biomarkers for better understanding of the pathophysiology?

Chronic pain represents a major global health problem, and is a leading cause of “years lived in disability”. In contrast to most other medical diseases, the pain diagnostics is usually based upon subjective reports, lacking objective support from e.g. biomarkers. Treatment results of chronic pain are in general not satisfying. We really need better diagnostic tools, as well as brand new treatment principles. How shall we do research to find such new pharmacological principles? In this lecture, one new path is suggested, that may be worth trying.

If biomarkers can be identified for specific patient populations it may provide knowledge about the underlying pain-generating processes. It could be of importance for diagnosis, for the choice of treatment and the development of new therapies. No validated biomarkers of importance for chronic pain have been published yet. At the recent IASP 2016 there were only occasional presentations on human biomarkers. The area is therefore still relatively unexplored, but may have a potential for new discoveries. In the project Uppsala Berzelii Centre for Neurodiagnostics, Uppsala University, we analyzed cerebrospinal fluid and blood from healthy volunteers and from well characterized pain patients, to identify potential biomarkers relevant to the pain pathophysiology. Analytic methods such as ELISA, proximity ligation assay (PEA) multiplex panels, and mass spectrometry were used. Some initial results from this project are presented here.