Research Profile

Name: Jarl Wikberg
Title: Senior Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University

Current research

  • Development of proteochemometrics and application of it on a large scale
  • Molecular pharmacology of melanocortin receptors
  • Application of proteochemometrics for drug design on proteases and G-protein coupled receptors (HIV and dengue proteases, amine GPCRs and melanocortin receptors)
  • Analysis of mechanisms for drug resistance with use of proteochemometrics
  • Computational approaches for engineering of antibodies
  • Software and algorithms for proteochemometrics

We have focused our research on proteochemometrics since 1999, when we realized how it will merge the genomics revolution with chemistry. Our interest in the technology is strongly sustained by the slow and resource demanding contemporary methods for drug development and our conviction that applying proteochemometrics on a large scale will lead to a major speed up of the drug developmental processes.

The chemical space of 921 G-protein coupled receptors