Course on PKPD/TKTD in Uppsala (last time held 2013, next time 2015)

The course is part of the European Master’s degree for Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines designed by SafeSciMET as part of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). This course or any other single course or sub sets of SafeSciMET courses also provide new opportunities for further Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

SafeSciMET is a new and unique pan European network of academics and pharmaceutical industry, who have come together to establish a comprehensive modular Safety Sciences Education and Training programme. The programme will cover all aspects of safety in drug development, to ensure European Drug Safety Scientists in the pharmaceutical industry; regulatory authorities and academia are at the forefront of their field.

Course Objectives 
The course consists of 5 days in Uppsala with lectures and casework followed by a week at home dedicated to individual assignments. It is built around case studies and aims to integrate discussions on methods and their applications. It will provide both theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of PK/TK, PD/TD and their applications.

Key areas covered by this course

  • Principles of ADME (PK/TK), with focus on conventional low molecular weight drugs and some discussion on biologicals
  • In vitro-in vivo correlations and interspecies scaling of PK
  • Preclinical applications of ADME(T)
  • Principles and applications of PK/PD and TK/TD modeling
  • Causes of inter-individual variance in PK/TK
  • PK/TK and PD/TD in preclinical and clinical drug development

The course meets the criteria for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) diplomas, and it will be part of a (forthcoming European) Masters of advanced Safety Sciences degree. When registering for a “Stand Alone” course only, this course provides CPD credits towards the individual’s CPD portfolio.

Lecturers are persons from academia and drug industries.


More information can be obtained through the SafeSciMet website or from Professor Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes. The cost is 2,500 Euro—750 Euro dependent on category of student. Please visit the “How to apply” for more information.