Do you want to learn more about pharmaceuticals and drug development?

Are you interested in pharmacological mechanisms, adverse drug reactions, metabolism, pharmacokinetics, clinical trials or perhaps something else? Our mission is to be nationally and internationally leading in pharmaceutical education and the department offers a wide range of programmes and courses at undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate level. All our teachers are committed to teaching based upon current life science research.

We contribute towards the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (three years, 180 ECTS) and the Master of Science in Pharmacy (five years, 300 ECTS). These degree programmes provide the necessary theoretical and practical competence that is required to register as a pharmacist in Sweden. These programmes are taught in Swedish and the admission is restricted.

The Faculty of Pharmacy also offers two master degrees in Drug Discovery and Development and in Drug Management. The academic staff from our Department contribute towards teaching these degrees. In addition, the Division of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Therapy has developed and is running a one-year programme in Clinical Pharmacy. This new programme has a curriculum including topics such as Evidence-based clinical pharmaceutical methods. The master programmes are taught in Swedish and the admission is restricted. The Department also contributes towards teaching a number of degree programmes at other faculties, such as the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with specialisation in drugs and the Master Programme in Forensic Science.

We also offer many advanced courses in a wide range of areas, reflecting the interest our department takes in research. More detailed information about courses is found at the link Courses to the left. Click on the course name or course code in order to access additional information about the courses from the Student Portal. The courses are taught in Swedish and the admission is restricted.

However, the web-based courses in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (course code 3FF575) and the course Preclinical safety assessment and pharmacovigilance (course code 3FX011) are taught in English.

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