Bioseminar series

  • Date: –09:45
  • Location: On zoom :
  • Lecturer: Michael Landreh, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet.
  • Organiser: Pharmaceutical Biosciences, The Bioseminar Team
  • Contact person: Anna Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Untangling complex interactions with mass spectrometry

In the cell, proteins rarely act alone, but instead engage in myriads of contacts that together make up a functional biological system. Capturing interactions of interest can be challenging due to their timescales, environments, or heterogeneity. Here, I will give an overview how native mass spectrometry in combination with ion mobility spectroscopy can be employed to interrogate protein complexes. By integrating MS methods with protein engineering, computational strategies, and complementary biophysical approaches, we can obtain insights into the mechanics of protein interactions from spider silk assembly to liquid-liquid phase separation.