Recent publications

  • Frances-Soriano, Laura; Leino, Mattias; Dos Santos, Marcelina Cardoso; Kovacs, Daniel et al.

    In Situ Rolling Circle Amplification Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (RCA-FRET) for Washing-Free Real-Time Single-Protein Imaging

    Part of Analytical Chemistry, p. 1842-1850, 2021.

  • Zarei, Omid; Sarri, Niki; Dastmalchi, Siavoush; Zokai, Fateme et al.

    Structure-based discovery of novel small molecule inhibitors of platelet-derived growth factor-B

    Part of Bioorganic chemistry (Print), 2020.

  • Tsioumpekou, Maria; Cunha, Sara I.; Ma, Haisha; Åhgren, Aive et al.

    Specific targeting of PDGFR beta in the stroma inhibits growth and angiogenesis in tumors with high PDGF-BB expression

    Part of Theranostics, p. 1122-1135, 2020.

    Open access
  • Bivehed, Erik; Söderberg, Ola; Hellman, Björn

    Flash-comet: Significantly improved speed and sensitivity of the comet assay through the introduction of lithium-based solutions and a more gentle lysis

    Part of Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis, 2020.

  • Wu, Chi-Chih; Klaesson, Axel; Buskas, Julia; Ranefall, Petter et al.

    In situ quantification of individual mRNA transcripts in melanocytes discloses gene regulation of relevance to speciation

    Part of Journal of Experimental Biology, 2019.

  • Heldin, Johan; Rubin Sander, Marie; Leino, Mattias; Thomsson, Sara et al.

    Dynamin inhibitors impair platelet-derived growth factor beta-receptor dimerization and signaling

    Part of Experimental Cell Research, p. 69-79, 2019.

    Open access
  • Zayny, Ahmad; Almokhtar, Mokhtar; Wikvall, Kjell; Ljunggren, Östen et al.

    Effects of glucocorticoids on vitamin D3-metabolizing 24-hydroxylase (CYP24A1) in Saos-2 cells and primary human osteoblasts

    Part of Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 2019.

  • Yin, Runting; Eger, Glenda; Sarri, Niki; Rorsman, Charlotte et al.

    Dual specificity phosphatase (DUSP)-4 is induced by platelet-derived growth factor -BB in an Erk1/2-, STAT3- and p53-dependent manner

    Part of Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications - BBRC, p. 469-474, 2019.

  • Leino, Mattias; Heldin, Johan; Rubin Sander, Marie; Kermpatsou, Despoina et al.

    Optimization of proximity-dependent initiation of hybridization chain reaction for improved performance

    Part of Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, p. 1058-1065, 2019.

    Open access
  • Papadopoulos, Natalia; Lennartsson, Johan; Heldin, Carl-Henrik

    PDGFR beta translocates to the nucleus and regulates chromatin remodeling via TATA element-modifying factor 1

    Part of Journal of Cell Biology, p. 1701-1717, 2018.

  • Klaesson, Axel; Grannas, Karin; Ebai, Tonge; Heldin, Johan et al.

    Improved efficiency of in situ protein analysis by proximity ligation using UnFold probes

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2018.

    Open access
  • Emanuelsson, Ida; Wikvall, Kjell; Friman, Tomas; Norlin, Maria

    Vitamin D Analogues Tacalcitol and Calcipotriol Inhibit Proliferation and Migration of T98G Human Glioblastoma Cells

    Part of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, p. 130-136, 2018.

  • Emanuelsson, Ida; Almokhtar, Mokhtar; Wikvall, Kjell; Gröndbladh, Alfhild et al.

    Expression and regulation of CYP17A1 and 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in cells of the nervous system: potential effects of vitamin D on brain steroidogenesis

    Part of Neurochemistry International, p. 46-55, 2018.

  • Emanuelsson, Ida; Wikvall, Kjell; Friman, Tomas; Norlin, Maria

    Vitamin D analogs tacalcitol and calcipotriol inhibit proliferation and migration of T98G human glioblastoma cells

    Part of Neuroscience, 2017.

  • Andersson, Sandra; Sundberg, Mårten; Pristovsek, Nusa; Ibrahim, Ahmed et al.

    Insufficient antibody validation challenges oestrogen receptor beta research

    Part of Nature Communications, 2017.

    Open access
  • Löf, Liza; Arngården, Linda; Olsson-Strömberg, Ulla; Siart, Benjamin et al.

    Flow Cytometric Measurement of Blood Cells with BCR-ABL1 Fusion Protein in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    Part of Scientific Reports, p. 1-9, 2017.

    Open access
  • Norlin, Maria; Lundqvist, Johan; Ellfolk, Maria; Hellström Pigg, Maritta et al.

    Drug-mediated gene regulation of vitamin D3 metabolism in primary human dermal fibroblasts

    Part of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, p. 59-63, 2017.

  • Reyhani, Vahid; Tsioumpekou, Maria; van Wieringen, Tijs; Rask, Lars et al.

    PDGF-BB enhances collagen gel contraction through a PI3K-PLCγ-PKC-cofilin pathway

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2017.

    Open access
  • Kashyap, Abhishek S.; Shooter, Gary K.; Shokoohmand, Ali; McGovern, Jacqui et al.

    Antagonists of IGF: Vitronectin Interactions Inhibit IGF-I-Induced Breast Cancer Cell Functions

    Part of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, p. 1602-1613, 2016.

  • Johansson Wensman, Jonas; Leuchowius, Karl-Johan; Yan, Jiting; Berg, Anna-Lena et al.

    Visualization of Borna Disease Virus Protein Interactions with Host Proteins using in situ Proximity Ligation Assay

    Part of British journal of virology, p. 11 11-23 23, 2016.

  • Beghini, A.; Lazzaroni, F.; Del Giacco, L.; Söderberg, Ola et al.

    Clinical Relevance Of Recurrent Allele-Specific Recombination Expressing The Wnt10Bivs1 Allele Variant In Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Part of Haematologica, p. 668-669, 2016.

  • Almokhtar, Mokhtar; Wikvall, Kjell; Ubhayasekera, S. J. Kumari A.; Bergquist, Jonas et al.

    Motor neuron-like NSC-34 cells as a new model for the study of vitamin D metabolism in the brain.

    Part of Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, p. 178-188, 2016.

  • Löf, Liza; Ebai, Tonge; Dubois, Louise; Wik, Lotta et al.

    Detecting individual extracellular vesicles using a multicolor in situ proximity ligation assay with flow cytometric readout

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2016.

    Open access
  • Rorsman, Charlotte; Tsioumpekou, Maria; Heldin, Carl-Henrik; Lennartsson, Johan

    The Ubiquitin Ligases c-Cbl and Cbl-b Negatively Regulate Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF) BB-induced Chemotaxis by Affecting PDGF Receptor beta (PDGFR beta) Internalization and Signaling

    Part of Journal of Biological Chemistry, p. 11608-11618, 2016.

  • Tsioumpekou, Maria; Papadopoulos, Natalia; Burovic, Fatima; Heldin, Carl-Henrik et al.

    Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-induced activation of Erk5 MAP-kinase is dependent on Mekk2, Mek1/2, PKC and PI3-kinase, and affects BMP signaling

    Part of Cellular Signalling, p. 1422-1431, 2016.

  • Wegler, Christine; Wikvall, Kjell; Norlin, Maria

    Effects of osteoporosis-inducing drugs on vitamin D-related gene transcription and mineralization in MG-63 and Saos-2 cells

    Part of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, 2016.

  • Blokzijl, Andries; Zieba, Agata; Hust, Michael; Schirrmann, Thomas et al.

    Single Chain Antibodies as Tools to Study transforming growth factor--Regulated SMAD Proteins in Proximity Ligation-Based Pharmacological Screens

    Part of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, p. 1848-1856, 2016.

  • Raja, Erna; Tzavlaki, Kalliopi; Vuilleumier, Robin; Edlund, Karolina et al.

    The protein kinase LKB1 negatively regulates bone morphogenetic protein receptor signaling

    Part of OncoTarget, p. 1120-1143, 2016.

    Open access
  • Grannas, Karin; Arngården, Linda; Lönn, Peter; Mazurkiewicz, Magdalena et al.

    Crosstalk between Hippo and TGF beta: Subcellular Localization of YAP/TAZ/Smad Complexes

    Part of Journal of Molecular Biology, p. 3407-3415, 2015.

  • Tsioumpekou, Maria; Papadopoulos, Natalia; Burovic, Fatima; Heldin, Carl-Henrik et al.

    Mechanism of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) Erk5 MAP-kinase activation is cell type-dependent and can be independent of PDGF receptor kinase activity

    Part of International Journal of Molecular Medicine, p. S20-S20, 2015.

  • Ma, Haisha; Wardega, Piotr; Mazaud, David; Klosowska-Wardega, Agnieszka et al.

    Histidine-domain-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase regulates platelet-derived growth factor receptor intracellular sorting and degradation

    Part of Cellular Signalling, p. 2209-2219, 2015.

  • Koos, Björn; Söderberg, Ola

    Closing in on life - proximity dependent methods for life sciences

    Part of OncoTarget, p. 17867-17868, 2015.

  • Strömberg, Thomas; Feng, Xiaoying; Delforoush, Maryam; Berglund, Mattias et al.

    Picropodophyllin inhibits proliferation and survival of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cells

    Part of Medical Oncology, 2015.

  • Wicher, Grzegorz; Norlin, Maria

    Estrogen-mediated regulation of steroid metabolism in rat glial cells; effects on neurosteroid levels via regulation of CYP7B1-mediated catalysis

    Part of Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, p. 21-27, 2015.

  • Ricardo, Sara; Marcos-Silva, Lara; Pereira, Daniela; Pinto, Rita et al.

    Detection of glyco-mucin profiles improves specificity of MUC16 and MUC1 biomarkers in ovarian serous tumours

    Part of Molecular Oncology, p. 503-512, 2015.

  • Mansouri, Larry; Sutton, Lesley-Ann; Ljungström, Viktor; Bondza, Sina et al.

    Functional loss of IκBε leads to NF-κB deregulation in aggressive chronic lymphocytic leukemia

    Part of Journal of Experimental Medicine, p. 833-843, 2015.

    Open access
  • Huels, David J.; Ridgway, Rachel A.; Radulescu, Sorina; Leushacke, Marc et al.

    E-cadherin can limit the transforming properties of activating beta-catenin mutations

    Part of EMBO Journal, p. 2321-2333, 2015.

    Open access
  • Sooman, Linda; Freyhult, Eva; Jaiswal, Archita; Navani, Sanjay et al.

    FGF2 as a potential prognostic biomarker for proneural glioma patients

    Part of Acta Oncologica, p. 385-394, 2015.

  • Koos, Björn; Cane, Gaëlle; Grannas, Karin; Löf, Liza et al.

    Proximity-dependent initiation of hybridization chain reaction

    Part of Nature Communications, 2015.

    Open access
  • Clausson, Carl-Magnus; Arngården, Linda; Ishaq, Omer; Klaesson, Axel et al.

    Compaction of rolling circle amplification products increases signal integrity and signal–to–noise ratio

    Part of Scientific Reports, p. 12317:1-10, 2015.

    Open access
  • Vanlandewijck, Michael; Lebouvier, Thibaud; Mae, Maarja Andaloussi; Nahar, Khayrun et al.

    Functional Characterization of Germline Mutations in PDGFB and PDGFRB in Primary Familial Brain Calcification

    Part of PLoS ONE, 2015.

    Open access
  • Mansouri, Larry; Sutton, Lesley-Ann; Ljungström, Viktor; Bondza, Sina et al.

    Recurrent Mutations within the Nfkbie gene: A Novel Mechanism for NF-kappa B Deregulation in Aggressive Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Part of Blood, 2014.

  • Eger, Glenda; Papadopoulos, Natalia; Lennartsson, Johan; Heldin, Carl-Henrik

    NR4A1 Promotes PDGF-BB-Induced Cell Colony Formation in Soft Agar

    Part of PLoS ONE, p. e109047-, 2014.

    Open access
  • Sooman, Linda; Ekman, Simon; Tsakonas, Georgios; Jaiswal, Archita et al.

    PTPN6 expression is epigenetically regulated and influences survival and response to chemotherapy in high-grade gliomas

    Part of Tumor Biology, p. 4479-4488, 2014.

  • Dahl, Markus; Maturi, Varun; Lönn, Peter; Papoutsoglou, Panagiotis et al.

    Fine-Tuning of Smad Protein Function by Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerases and Poly(ADP-Ribose) Glycohydrolase during Transforming Growth Factor β Signaling

    Part of PLoS ONE, p. e103651-, 2014.

    Open access
  • Sooman, Linda; Ekman, Simon; Andersson, Claes; Kultima, Hanna Göransson et al.

    Synergistic interactions between camptothecin and EGFR or RAC1 inhibitors and between imatinib and Notch signaling or RAC1 inhibitors in glioblastoma cell lines

    Part of Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, p. 329-340, 2013.

  • Heldin, Carl-Henrik; Lennartsson, Johan

    Structural and functional properties of platelet-derived growth factor and stem cell factor receptors

    Part of Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, p. UNSP a009100-, 2013.

  • Wu, Xuping; Sooman, Linda; Wickström, Malin; Fryknäs, Mårten et al.

    Alternative Cytotoxic Effects of the Postulated IGF-IR Inhibitor Picropodophyllin In Vitro

    Part of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, p. 1526-1536, 2013.

  • Leuchowius, Karl-Johan; Clausson, Carl-Magnus; Grannas, Karin; Erbilgin, Yücel et al.

    Parallel Visualization of Multiple Protein Complexes in Individual Cells in Tumor Tissue

    Part of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, p. 1563-1571, 2013.

  • Weibrecht, Irene; Lundin, Elin; Kiflemariam, Sara; Mignardi, Marco et al.

    In situ detection of individual mRNA molecules and protein complexes or post-translational modifications using padlock probes combined with the in situ proximity ligation assay

    Part of Nature Protocols, p. 355-372, 2013.